Monthly meeting 3rd Wednesday of the month

Every month the club gets together to discuss upcoming events, finances of the club and plan rides.



ATVBC Poker Ride 2018

We as a club like to go join the ATVBC group as a whole for the Poker Ride, June 18-24 Logan Lake, BC.



Mission Candle Light Parade 2018

Every year members of the club decorate thier ATVs and SxS and go out to ride in the Mission Candle Light Parade. This is a club highlight.

ATVBC Poker Ride 2018

The club goes to this every year and this year it is in Logan Lake, BC.

The Poker Ride starts June 18 and runs through the 24th. There is camping avaible (for a fee), there will be numerous evens to ride.

It does not matter if you are new to ATVing, young or old, there something for everyone. If you want more info you can get more info here.